Try our dishes that are cooked in store along with our quick, delicious meal solutions.


Need a quick lunch, a full dinner, or a catering service for a special occasion?  Your IGA store offers a variety of delectable prepared dishes that you and your guests will love.

Donuts made in store

Do you have a sweet tooth? Discover our donuts that are prepared and cooked on the premises. Always fresh, these authentic products are a treat for the taste buds.

Bistro express

On the road and need to stop and eat? No time to prepare a meal? Make a healthy choice and stop by a Bistro Express at an IGA store. Choose from prepared dishes cooked in store that you can take out or eat in store at one of our bistro tables.

Online buffet service

Want to entertain with no hassles? Whether it's for a brunch, a kid's party, or a business lunch, the online buffet service is  tailored to your needs.
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A sampling of our menu options:

  • Our sandwiches are a tasty and economical choice. From pita wraps to stuffed baguettes and the ever-popular egg salad sandwiches.
  • Our cheese platters are ideal for breakfast, brunch, or to end a meal. Cheese cubes make the perfect cocktail party nibbles. Cut in wedges, our cheeses will be the hit of  your wine and cheese party.
  • Our fine deli meats include old favourites and new specialties, guaranteed to please!
  • Bite into freshness with our salads and our raw vegetables, ready for dipping. They're perennial favourites
  • Our delights from the sea will add a touch of elegance to any occasion, whether your guests prefer salads, snacks, or sushi.
  • Our new line of ready-to-heat meals offers you a range of superior-quality dishes that will delight even the most demanding palates. These fresh meals will add variety and warmth to any reception, from the simplest get-together to banquets.
  • Small in size only, our fruit, chocolate, maple, and nut pastries are made with pure butter for pure bliss.
  • Don't forget to indulge everyone's sweet tooth! Our desserts are available in one-bite servings so that guests can try them all. For a healthy option, add fruit to your selection.

Visit the online buffet service

Sushi counter

Have a crazy craving for sushi? Drop by the Mito sushi counter at your local IGA and discover our delicious sushi, prepared fresh daily before your eyes by highly trained sushi chefs. Special requests are no problem: all our sushi can be customized based on your preferences or allergies to certain foods. 

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Tartare counters

How would you like some tartare your way without having to prepare it yourself? Just visit the tartare bar at the butcher counter in participating IGA stores. Ask the butcher to prepare you a perfect tartare with the meat, condiments, and sauce that you'd have chosen yourself. Select your size and enjoy!

Fruit and vegetables washed and cut in store

Is your meal lacking colour, flavour, and especially nutrients? Low calorie fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins. Thanks to your IGA retailer, you don't have to prepare them; they're available prewashed and cut in serving sizes. It's an easy way to eat the daily serving recommended by Canada's Food Guide.

Wedding cakes

You're planning your wedding and want the cake of your dreams without breaking the bank? Your IGA retailer can help with your special day. They will be pleased to help you choose from a range of delicious, yet affordable cakes.

Custom cakes

Looking for the perfect cake for a special occasion? Let our pastry chefs create a personalized cake that you and your guests will adore! See your IGA retailer for information about our cake selection and our pastry service.

Pastries baked in store

Do you prefer chocolate eclairs or profiteroles? Whether you have a special occasion or want to try something different, try our pastries baked in store.


No time to cook? IGA's ready-to-eat department proposes meals you can prepare at home in less than 20 minutes. Whether you opt for ready-to-cook ingredients (vegetables, meat, or fish) or dishes prepared in store that you can reheat at home, IGA promises a quality meal for you and the family.