Gasoline discount

Gasoline discount

When the promotion is offered in store, you can save 3¢ per litre at Shell for every $70 purchase* at IGA. Consult your paper or electronic flyer at IGA.net/flyer to determine which weeks the promotion is in effect.

Here’s a chart indicating how much you will save on gasoline based on the amount of your purchases each week.
How much will you save this week?
Value of your purchases Rebate on gas Saving on a 50 litre purchase
980$ et plus -42 ¢/litre $2100
910-97999$ -39 ¢/litre $1950
840-90999$ -36 ¢/litre $1800
770-83999$ -33 ¢/litre $1650
70073999$ -30 ¢/litre $1500
630-69999$ -27 ¢/litre $1350
560-62999$ -24 ¢/litre $1200
490-55999$ -21 ¢/litre $1050
420-48999$ -18 ¢/litre $900
350-41999$ -15 ¢/litre $750
280-34999$ -12 ¢/litre $600
210-27999$ -9 ¢/litre $450
140-20999$ -6 ¢/litre $300
70-13999$ -3 ¢/litre $150

How it works in 6 easy steps

  1. 1. When asked by the cashier, confirm that you want to receive the gasoline discount.
  2. 2. Hang on to your coupon. The IGA cashier will give it to you with your cash receipt.
  3. 3. The gasoline discount coupon is valid for 60 days following the date of your purchases at IGA.
  4. 4. Visit a Shell station or see the chart below to locate the station nearest you. Fill up and pay inside at the counter.
  5. 5. You must present your gasoline discount coupon to the Shell gas station clerk.
  6. 6. Check your Shell cash receipt to see how much you saved.

This promotion is valid at all participating IGA supermarkets in Quebec and New-Brunswick as well as at all participating Shell stations in Quebec and New-Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

The gasoline discount is offered at IGA for up to a maximum of 42¢ per litre and is applicable for a maximum of 100 litres at Shell.

® Trademark of Shell Brands International AG. Used under license. Purchases must be made in the same transaction and are calculated on the price of the merchandise before taxes excluding tobacco products, lottery tickets, transit fares, gift cards, and any other product where prohibited by law.