At IGA, our families of grocers take joy in making you happy! 

Behind every IGA, there’s a family of devoted grocers. That’s why we’re proud to showcase their work, sometimes alongside their employees, and sometimes alongside our three ambassadors, Christian Bégin, Josée Di Stasio, and Stefano Faita. 

By taking on the challenge of guaranteeing you an unbeatable variety of fresh produce and offering you unparalleled customer service, our grocers perfectly embody IGA’s commitment to helping all of Quebec eat better. 


The IGA banner is the largest gathering of independent grocers in Canada, meaning that every store is managed individually by a local grocer – an integral member of the community. In fact, the province of Quebec proportionally has twice more independent grocers than anywhere else in Canada. 

This way, unlike other grocery chains – whose franchises are managed in a standardized way from remote headquarters –  IGA gives free rein to an independent grocer with deep local understanding. This gives our clients an opportunity to meet proud and committed owners in person. Our clients can also benefit from a wide variety of local products, thoughtfully chosen by a grocer who truly understands the resources at hand. 

Some IGA grocers are so involved in their communities, they can often be seen on the front page of their local paper! 

We’ll never say it enough: shopping at IGA means investing in a local business, and supporting hundreds of small producers from your region who rely on us.