The bread from À Chacun Son Pain bakery is made using organic grains. Baked according to the standards that have put the ancestral Baie-Saint-Paul shop on the map, four varieties are now available at IGA.


At À Chacun Son Pain, you can smell the delicious scent of freshly baked bread... and feel the sense of pride that comes with keeping a local and historical tradition alive.

They use only organic whole grains cultivated by agricultural partners in Charlevoix. These grains are then ground locally on ancestral stones, at Moulin de La Rémy, which dates back to 1826.

Thanks to a proven method, respectful of local ingredients and tradition, À Chacun Son Pain produces and delivers 20,000 loafs of bread per week—without compromising their eco-friendly values or quality of their ingredients.


In this artisanal workshop, everything is made following the strictest organic standards.

This ancestral method preserves the germ and healthy attributes of the grain. Thus, all the good stuff, which is normally lost in industrial production, remains: the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This technique makes for whole grain breads that are unique in character, with a crusty exterior that really stands out.

All the bread produced at À Chacun Son Pain is certified organic, meaning they are part of a healthy—and delicious—diet!


In 2004, Anik Roy and Jean-Christophe Lamontagne decided to settle down in the region of Charlevoix. Inspired by the breath-taking landscape and the region’s commitment to local products and purchasing, the couple thought they would try their hand at an artisanal bakery.

In 2011, after some time and effort, À Chacun Son Pain opened its doors in Baie-Saint-Paul. A few years later, a second location opened up in Beaupré, as well as a workshop to help churn out the sought-after bread.

Almost 10 years after starting their adventure, the couple’s business venture continues to help promote the region’s local products... and now their own products are available in grocery stores!


As fresh as can be, here are four À Chacun Son Pain products you HAVE too add to your menu now!

La blanche de Charlevoix

La blanche de Charlevoix

This bread’s golden and naturally sweet crust boasts honey and acidic flavours. Made from organic whole wheat from Charlevoix, it pairs well with pretty much everything.

Switch up your lunchtime menu by preparing this capicollo-and-cheese-stuffed baguette. Simply cut the ends of the baguette and carefully spoon out the centre. Stuff the hollowed-out baguette with a mix of cheese, capicollo, olives, and vegetables. Wrap with plastic and let chill in the fridge for two hours.

When you and your gang are ready to eat, just cut the baguette into generous slices and enjoy!

The multigrain baguette

The multigrain baguette

Proudly hailing from the Charlevoix region, the multigrain baguette is made entirely from local ingredients. In fact, the top-quality flour and grains are grown in organic fields in Baie St-Paul. With its airy centre, crunchy grains, and perfectly golden crust, this baguette is sure to please the whole table!

Start the day off right with a balanced breakfast that includes a generous piece of multigrain baguette, delicious as-is or toasted to perfection. Slather with honey, homemade jam, Quebec cheese, or just a dab of butter to let the delicate flavours really stand out. For a gourmet weekend brunch, serve your eggs with a slice of baguette topped with cretons made by a local artisan

Organic sliced white loaf

Organic sliced white loaf by À chacun son pain

A most versatile bread, made with organic grains, grown and milled at Moulin de Charlevoix. With its creamy, melt-in-your-mouth crust, this loaf is sure to become a grocery list staple!

Organic multi-grain sliced loaf

Organic multi-grain sliced loaf by À chacun son pain

Start the day off right with a slice of this airy bread, made with toasted cereal, sunflower seeds, oats, flax, and chia seeds. A delicious medley of grains, for a loaf that’s filling and 100% organic.

L’Épeautre de Charlevoix

L’Épeautre de Charlevoix

This spelt loaf stands out for its crispy exterior and fluffy interior. From the very first bite, you’ll notice rich toasted hazelnut flavours.

Serve your homemade vegetable soup or cold summer soup with a thick slice of this bread, slathered in butter or topped with melted smoked cheese. Toasted, it pairs perfectly with a quick go-to meal such as this spinach-lentil salad.

Ideal for busy lunch breaks when you want to treat yourself to something quick and delish!

Le complet de Charlevoix

Le complet de Charlevoix

You can really taste the organic whole-wheat flour used to make this generous loaf, exploding with rich and authentic flavours.

Treat the entire family to a much-loved classic: grilled cheese sandwiches! Yummy Quebec cheese sandwiched between two thick slices of Le complet de Charlevoix, grilled to golden perfection. For a gourmet version sure to please everyone, try making this grilled cheese with apples and bacon.

Serve it hot off the stove, for a simple and savoury meal!

How to keep your bread fresh

1. Seeing as all these breads are made using natural, living ingredients, with no added preservatives, your best bet is to store them in a cool area, away from the sun.
2. A baguette is great on the first day. On the second day, quickly grill it until you’ve obtained a crispy exterior with a melt-in-your-mouth interior. To help preserve it a few days longer, store it in the fridge in a reusable, airtight bag.
3. A loaf’s thick crust helps keep its moist interior fresher, longer. If you plan on eating the loaf quickly, store it in a paper or fabric bag. To help preserve it up to seven days, keep it in the fridge.
4. To revive your bread, spray it with a little water, then toast in the oven at 400°F, for approximately two and a half minutes.