With dates, cooking only gets sweeter!

With dates, cooking only gets sweeter!

Madame Labriski is proud to offer you quality, IGA-exclusive products, like date puree for cooking and ready-to-eat cookies and muffins, sweetened with date puree and free of added fat! Discover these products, delicious date puree-based recipes, and their benefits.

Tartinade Noisella by Madame Labriski

Top five benefits of dates

Rich in energy

During this fruit’s drying process, its water content decreases from 70–80% to 10–20%, which concentrates the date’s natural sugars and increases its carbohydrate content. A serving of ten regular dates or three Medjool dates (about 70 g in both cases) contains around 55 g of carbohydrates, making them a perfect snack to give your body a quick energy boost during endurance sports.

A source of magnesium

A 70 g serving of dates (around ¼ cup of date puree) alone meets about 15% of our daily magnesium requirement. This element is essential to our health, particularly because of its role in muscle contraction, bone mineralization, and the metabolizing of food into energy. Magnesium also helps regulate blood pressure and aids the immune system.

A high source of dietary fibre

A high source of dietary fibre

Dietary fibre is essential to a healthy digestive system and helps increase the satiating effect of food consumed. In addition, dietary fibre helps regulate blood sugar. Therefore, it is better to choose naturally sweet foods that contain fibre over sources of concentrated sugars like table sugar, honey, or maple syrup, which all completely lack dietary fibre.

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants play an important role in our bodies by combatting the production of free radicals, molecules that, among other things, damage our cells. Our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of antioxidants to maintain a balance, but consuming foods rich in antioxidants reinforces this protection.

An unprocessed and naturally sweet treat to satisfy sugar or dessert cravings!

Dates are a very appealing option to satisfy those sugar cravings. They are unprocessed, have no added salt or fat, and are a natural source of sugar and dietary fibre. A way better option than candy!

How to use date puree

We’ve created several no-sugar-added flavours, because dates go great in almost everything.

Original: The classic, perfect puree for no-sugar-added cooking.
Chocolate: A decadent chocolate delight made healthy. It’s so good you’ll want to just eat it with a spoon!
Caramel: Give life a smile by adding a touch of caramel flavour to your yogurts, cereal, and desserts.
Vanilla: A spoonful of joy. Why not try it in your smoothies?

Here are some tips and tricks for adding a bit of date puree to your life

Here are some tips and tricks for adding a bit of date puree to your life:

  • Spread the caramel date puree on your toast.
  • Make parfaits with yogurt or ice cream.
  • Start your day with chia pudding sweetened with date puree.
  • Put 1–2 tbsp. of date puree in a smoothie.
  • Give some personality to your favourite vinaigrette with a little date puree.
  • Put some date puree in your favourite General Tao recipe.
  • Neutralize the acidity in your tomato sauce with some date puree.
  • Add a bit of cream to a chocolate date puree for a dessert sauce.

Madame Labriski’s ready-to-eat cookies and muffins

Whether you go crazy for cookies or muffins, it’s a delicious choice either way. Bye bye guilt and hello joys of healthy eating:

  • No added fat
  • A high source of fibre
  • Fewer calories than traditional store-bought versions with refined sugar