Atypique: Alcohol-free drinks that are typically different

Atypique: Alcohol-free drinks that are typically different


Atypique drinks were designed to make consumers feel daring, courageous, and free to be themselves. Truly one-of-a-kind, the company aims to introduce an innovative product to the market, one that is inventive and doesn’t compromise on taste. Available exclusively at IGA.

This distinctive product is the result of an innovative idea, designed by a team of creative people determined to push the envelope when it comes to ready-to-drinks. These alcohol-free drinks are low in sugar and are an excellent alternative to your favourite cocktails. So go ahead, and drink without moderation!


Atypique was founded by two individuals: Jonathan Robin and Étienne Boulay. After working for 20 years in the real-estate industry, Jonathan Robin decided to quit and found NOROI, in Saint-Hyacinthe. His vision: produce high-end spirits using techniques that defy traditional procedures. The company’s first big win, in 2019, did not go unnoticed; the launch of Brise-Glace, an innovative, local, and alcohol-free ready-to-drink was a success! In fact, it was such a success that it helped Robin push his company even further, faster!

And that’s when ex-football player Étienne Boulay joined the team! The two businessmen met through mutual friends and immediately decided to join forces in order to come up with a delicious alternative to alcoholic drinks. Boulay, who has been sober for several years, also had the desire to do things differently: “I’ve always considered myself to be different. I never really fit into society’s moulds and I always take the path less travelled to get to where I’m going.”

The project developed at lightning speed. What started as a promising idea is now a full-fledged concept and the company wants to position itself as a pioneer in Quebec’s alcohol-free ready-to-drink market.

Products with many possibilities

No alcohol
These new beverages are a delicious alternative to alcohol-based drinks. Whether you choose Atypique products to help reduce your alcohol intake, consume fewer calories, or simply because they’re delicious, there’s no need to limit yourself! Atypique ready-to-drinks were designed to be enjoyed without moderation.

Low in sugar
These unique drinks aren’t just delicious—they’re also healthier! In fact, they contain much less sugar than their alcohol-based counterparts, making them a wiser, more interesting alternative.

The aromas and recipes developed by the Atypique team were designed to offer truly one-of-a-kind flavours. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by each product’s refreshing and refined profile, completely different from anything you’ve tried in the past. These drinks aren’t just an alternative to alcohol, they’re also packed with flavour. We promise—these aren’t your typical mocktails!

3 new products you’re going to love!

Alternatives to alcoholic beverages are more and more popular, and that’s why Atypique decided to offer three new and refreshing flavours! Discover these new alcohol-free ready-to-drinks, perfect for any occasion: a backyard happy hour, picnic in the park, weekend at the cottage, or camping trip.

Red Sangria

Red sangria

A summertime classic, Atypique now makes an alcohol-free version of sangria for everyone to enjoy! Share a festive moment with friends by serving it in a pitcher filled with ice and orange slices. Everyone will love the delicious notes of grape and citrus this cocktail offers. Hurry—red sangria is available for a limited time only!



Reminiscent of a gorgeous summer sunset, the bright orange colour of this aperitivo will whisk you away to Tuscany! Celebrate the art of living, Italian-style, with this zero-alcohol spritz. Exuding a blend of bitter and sweet notes, this beverage pairs perfectly with white cranberry juice.



Budding mixologists will fall under the charm of this alcohol-free gin that boasts the same complex and delicious aromas as traditional gin. A versatile beverage, perfect for unleashing your creativity and creating your very own signature mocktails!


Spiced rum & Cola
  • Only 80 calories
  • 50% less sugar than most soda drinks, such as cola.

Calling all rum and coke lovers! This alcohol-free version is sure to please you! Just like your favourite cocktail, this drink is packed with intense spiced rum aromas that will transport you to the heart of Jamaica. You’ll want more than one—consider yourself warned!

Gin & Tonic
  • Only 60 calories
  • 40% less sugar than most alcohol-based ready-to-drink gin and tonics.

Fans of G&T are sure to love this alcohol-free version. With significantly less sugar and just the right amount of bitterness, you can indulge to the max!

  • Only 60 calories
  • 45% less sugar than most alcohol-based ready-to-drink spritzes.

An Italian-inspired classic you’re sure to love! Bitter notes are perfectly balanced by citrus acidity, making this the ideal drink for your end-of-day happy hour. Get ready to be left speechless!

  • Only 60 calories
  • 40% less sugar than most alcohol-based ready-to-drink mojitos.

In the mood for a tropical drink? With its aromas of mint, freshly pressed lime juice, and rum, this tasty mojito is the drink for you! Fine bubbles and an explosion of flavour that you can enjoy guilt free.


1- Spiced rum & Cola
Serve your rum and cola in a highball—the perfect glass for long drinks. Tip: prior to serving your cocktail, place your glass in the freezer to get it nice and cold. Once thoroughly chilled, add some ice to the glass and top with your Atypique beverage. Garnish the rim of your glass with lime wedges. Cheers!

2- Gin & Tonic
Serve this beverage in a “long drink” glass—ideal for a gin and tonic. This high-walled glass is a classic that never goes out of style. Fill it with ice so that your drink stays cool and fresh, then add two slices of lemon per glass (or grapefruit if you prefer). Top with Atypique Gin & Tonic, stir, and enjoy!

3- Spritz
While a traditional spritz is served in a wineglass, you can switch things up and serve this spritz in a high glass. Add a few ice cubes, top with Atypique Spritz, and garnish with an orange slice!

4- Mojito
Serve this drink in a tumbler! Seeing as it’s quite tall, you can add a lot of ice, which is perfect for keeping this tropical drink cool and fresh! A mojito doesn’t require too much garnish, so keep it simple with a few mint leaves and one or two slices of lime. And two straws of course!

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