Introducing NEW Coors Slice

Introducing NEW Coors Slice

Give your summer a refreshing twist with NEW Coors Slice! It’s the refreshing taste of Coors, with just a hint of orange. It’s like shouting “Coors!” from the foot of the Rockies and having “orange” echo back.

Coors Slice is only available this summer… Peel one open before it’s gone!

Hosting an outdoor party

Make your backyard Instagram-worthy and host an amazing party with these tips!

  • Set up your table to facilitate service: plates, napkins and utensils on one side, drinks and glasses on the other, and food in the middle.
  • Have your guests bring food: serve the main dish, the dessert and fresh Coors Slice, and ask your guests to provide a side dish and bring drinks.
  • Keep your drinks cold: fill bins with ice and water for cans and bottles, and serve your favourite cocktails in beverage servers filled with frozen fruits.
  • Make your guests comfortable: make sure everyone will have a seated place, and access to bug spray, blankets, umbrellas, etc.