For a festive alcohol-free month!

Our grocers offer a slew of distinguished and delicious alcohol-free products on their shelves: wines, sparkling wines, beers and sangrias.
Non-alcoholic or virgin cocktails are definitely making the grade these days! We’ve come a long way since the simple Shirley Temple with a host of cocktail recipes. These products offer the perfect balance between being responsible and having fun!

Non-alcoholic wine

Made from the same grapes as traditional wine, non-alcoholic wines are then fermented and aged, followed by a vacuum distillation process that removes alcohol content. The wine not only maintains its aromas and colour, but more importantly the taste of its alcoholic version!

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Sparkling wine is a hit at any festive occasion, and the alcohol-free version is accessible to all. There’s no need to deprive yourself, anymore! Whether to celebrate love or dazzle it up around the pool, bubbles are a universal favourite!

Non-alcoholic beer

Thirst-quenching with all the taste you’re used to, alcohol-free beer is the perfect Friday night buddy! You can jazz it up by adding it to some special cocktail recipes, or up the taste with some grated ginger, lime and crushed ice!

Non-alcoholic sangria

A staple that’s always refreshing, alcohol-free sangria is the drink of choice on hot summer days! No more need to compromise, you can wow young and old alike, and any moms-to-be as well.