A true culinary delight!

Ewe's milk cheese

Although they've been around for ages they're relatively new to Quebec, where they've made a deliciously successful debut!
There's also a cheese for every palate!
There's also a cheese for every palate! Ewe's milk cheeses come in a variety of types, strengths and unique flavours such as almond or spiced-both of which are worth a try! Cheese lovers are sure to enjoy these seven distinctively flavoured cheeses and our suggestions for appreciating their full potential!

Ovinsard Cheese

This cheese is a real delicacy and a favourite among connoisseurs. It's the perfect addition to lemony vinaigrettes and sandwiches.

  • ORIGIN : Sardinia, Italy
  • INTENSITY : Strong
  • MILK TYPE : 100% ewe's milk
  • CHEESE TYPE : Hard, blue-veined cheese

Fresh and melt-in-your-mouth, this cheese has a unique bloomy grey rind and is white with generous veins of blue. It boasts an unctuous texture and full-bodied, creamy flavour.

Ovinsard Cannelloni

Add a boost of flavour to cannelloni by stuffing them with spinach, ricotta and Ovinsard cheese and a pinch of nutmeg. Top with slightly spicy tomato sauce and bake. Absolutely delicious!

La Tomme D'Elles Cheese

A true delight! This savoury and sophisticated cheese makes a great addition to grilled fruit kebabs.

  • ORIGIN : Baie-Saint-Paul (Charlevoix)
  • INTENSITY : Mild
  • MILK TYPE : 50 % cow's milk, 50% ewe's milk
  • CHEESE TYPE : Semi-soft with a washed rind

This farmhouse cheese features unique floral notes and is sure to delight connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike. It has a slightly acidic hazelnut taste and a mild buttery scent.

Sweet 'n' Sour Au Gratin

For a mouthwatering side dish, make a potato and sweet potato gratin layered with slices of onion and apple and cream, and generously top with grated La Tomme d'Elles cheese.

Ewe's Milk Feta

You'll love this mild, creamy white cheese! It's a great addition to all types of salad or sprinkled over pasta and veggies.

  • ORIGIN : Canada
  • INTENSITY : Mild
  • MILK TYPE : 100% ewe's milk
  • CHEESE TYPE : Soft

This fresh, smooth cheese is creamy and slightly crumbly. Its slightly salty, zesty flavour gives it a distinctive taste.

Quiche with Beets

Cook up a uniquely flavoured, original and colourful quiche by adding slices of cooked beet and feta crumbles to your egg mixture. Season with nutmeg and serve with a seasonal salad.

Manchego Cheese

Manchego is Spain's most famous and best known cheese. Its taste and texture make it an ideal match for olives, chorizo and crusty bread.

  • ORIGIN : La Mancha, Spain
  • INTENSITY : Mild
  • MILK TYPE : 100% ewe's milk cheese
  • CHEESE TYPE : Semi-soft

Manchego's yellowish rind and ivory coloured cheese boast a slightly zesty and salty taste. Its floral fragrance is utterly unique and features rich notes of butter, nuts and caramel.

Eggplant Tapas

Add a little olé to your next cocktail party with hors d'œuvres made with a slice of eggplant topped with chorizo, a sundried tomato, a kalamata olive and Manchego cheese (in that order).

Delicious and Nutritious!

La liste des bienfaits associés aux nutriments retrouvés dans les fromages de brebis est longue... et délicieusement intéressante!

The many nutritional benefits associated with ewe's milk cheese are oh-so good for you!

  • Ewe's milk cheese is a food of choice when it comes to keeping bones healthy, as it contains more calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D than cow's milk cheeses.
  • People who are lactose intolerant are often able to eat ewe's milk cheeses, which can be easier to digest than cow's milk cheeses as they contain less lactose.
  • Ewe's milk cheeses have a milder flavour than goat's and cow's milk cheeses. Go ahead-try them! You'll love their subtle, mild and slightly sweet flavour.
  • Ewe's milk naturally contains more fat and protein than cow's and goat's milk, resulting in extra creamy, tasty and nutritious cheeses

Storage Tips

  • Once open, remove the plastic wrap and wrap first in wax paper, then in aluminum foil. This technique keeps cheese fresher longer.
  • Leftovers? Cheese can be frozen by wrapping in aluminum foil and stowing in a freezer bag. Thaw in the refrigerator, then use to garnish your favourite recipes.