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Welcome to the world of fine cheese!

Welcome to the world of fine cheese! Accessible but daring, simple but tasty, Monsieur Gustav cheeses can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Monsieur Gustav is fine cheese without all the fuss. Discover and take delight in this selection of cheeses. Monsieur Gustav makes it easy and fun.

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Monsieur Gustav fine cheeses

While each cheese is unique, Monsieur Gustav makes it easy to navigate by simply offering a grouping of 8 types of cheese with their specific color code.

Saint-Paulin - The velvety taste of butter characterizes this cheese with delicate aromas. In keeping with tradition, the Monsieur Gustav Saint-Paulin rind is orangey, and its texture is creamy and elastic.

Cheddar - Monsieur Gustav Cheddars show off their character! Rediscover this classic cheese that doesn't shy away from new flavours.

Gouda - Monsieur Gustav Gouda caters to all tastes! Go mild or go spicy, the choice is all yours. Creamy and lactose free, it surprises every time.

Double Crème - Treat yourself to the crème de la crème of fine cheeses! Monsieur Gustav Double Crème is a soft cheese with a rich and delicate taste.

Havarti - Forget the traditional sandwich, Monsieur Gustav Havarti is cheeseboard worthy! Eating your vegetables is child’s play thanks to its garden-inspired flavours.

Swiss - It’s impossible to remain neutral when tasting this legendary cheese full of holes! Its delicate nutty taste is slightly sweeter and milder than that of Emmenthal cheese.

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Use your phone to access our tips and tricks at the store for inspiration and the perfect pairings to pick up.  At home, use it to make your cheese platter Instagram worthy.

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