Monsieur Gustav


Win with Monsieur Gustav’s lucky wheel!

This summer, discover the accessible world of Monsieur Gustav cheeses! Accessible but daring, simple but tasty, Monsieur Gustav cheeses can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Win with Monsieur Gustav's lucky wheel!
Delight your taste buds with our brand new Extra Old Gouda!

Delight your taste buds with our brand new Extra Old Gouda!

Monsieur Gustav presents its all-new Extra Old Gouda. Lactose-free and ripened for 15 to 30 months, it reveals strong roasted and caramelized notes. Its crumbly texture, sprinkled with delicious crystals, is sure to please the most demanding cheese lovers!

Cut into wedges, it is delicious with fresh fruits or onion confit. Looking for comfort? Incorporate it in shavings to enhance your soufflés, gratins and favourite cheese recipes.

The pairing connoisseurs will be delighted by its dark and tasty interior. Coupled with a full-bodied wine or a strong beer, it will appeal to all gourmets!

Discover our different original and flavoured Goudas

Monsieur Gustav Goudas have something for everyone! Go easy or go spicier, it’s up to you. Sweet and lactose-free, they never cease to surprise.

Smoke-Flavoured Gouda: The delicious taste of Monsieur Gustav Smoke-Flavoured Gouda will thrill you! Its brown wax-free rind results from a process that gives the cheese its natural smoky aroma.

Jalapeño Gouda: Looking to spice up your cheese plate? The taste of jalapeño peppers joins forces with the soft texture of Monsieur Gustav Gouda.

Caraway Seed Gouda: Known for their aromatic flavour, caraway seeds lend their distinct taste to this oh-so-soft Monsieur Gustav Gouda.

Light Gouda: Monsieur Gustav Light Gouda is mild and low in calories! It contains 55% less fat per 30 G serving than Mild Gouda.

Mild Gouda: Featuring mild to strong aromas and a hint of acidity, the Monsieur Gustav Mild Gouda is delicious at any time of the day.

Medium Gouda: Ripened to perfection for two months, Monsieur Gustav Medium Gouda has a soft texture and a more pronounced taste than Gouda Mild.

Old Gouda: Refined to perfection for six months, Monsieur Gustav old Gouda will delight you with its soft texture and distinctive taste.

Extra Old Gouda: Ripened for 15 to 30 months, Monsieur Gustav lactose-free Extra Old Gouda offers a crumbly texture sprinkled with crystals and strong roasted and caramelized notes.