More than just parmesan

Parmesan and Romano

Enhance the flavour of your favourite dishes with freshly grated Parmesan, or shavings cut with a vegetable peeler from a chunk freshly broken off a wheel of cheese.

Parmesan 101

Parmesan and Romano are hard cheeses that have been aged for a long time. Though they have a firm, grainy texture, they simply melt in your mouth revealing all the subtleties of their flavours. So vary the cheeses to vary the flavours.

Parmesan in all its forms …

Tempting tiles parmesan

Tempting tiles

Popular and tasty, oven-baked tiles are made from grated parmesan. These crunchy wafers are the perfect addition to a tapas platter at cocktail hour!

Delicate flakes

Delicate flakes

What a wonderful way to enjoy parmesan! It adds a delectable touch of elegance to salads, soups, pizza and grilled vegetables.

Gargantuan chunks

Gargantuan chunks

To ensure you always have some parmesan on hand, opt for a bigger piece. It lasts longer this way, and it will maintain its rich aroma and grainy texture. Just grate as needed to serve with your inspiration of the moment.

Mysterious rinds

Mysterious rinds

Cheese rinds are highly versatile. Add them to all your slow cooked dishes where they’ll soften and add their great flavour to your dishes. Just remove them when you’ve finished cooking like you would a bay leaf. They’re great to eat when softened. It’s a matter of taste. Give it a try!

IGA tips and tricks

IGA tips and tricks: Parmesan tuiles


Origin : Northern Italy
Type of milk: Raw cow's milk
Characteristics : Crumbly with a fruity flavour and a unique, subtle spicy note.

Grana Padano

Origin : Northern Italy
Type of milk: Cow's milk
Characteristics : A fragrant cheese with a delicate flavour that is milder than other varieties of Parmesan.

Pecorino Romano

Origin : Southern and central Italy
Type of milk : Sheep’s milk
Characteristics : Saltier than other hard cheeses with a sharp, characteristic flavour.

Bella Lodi

Origin : Northern Italy
Type of milk : Cow’s milk
Characteristics : A rich flavour that is neither too salty nor too sharp