Les fromages suisses

The cheese of Switzerland

Switzerland brings us a cornucopia of cheese varieties, all different! Here is a guide to help you navigate your way through the choices.

A multitude of fine cheeses

Switzerland produces countless cheeses of exceptional quality. Each has a unique flavour that makes it highly versatile. For example, Swiss cheese is delicious in fondue, raclette, or melting atop onion soup.

Here are a few examples of products imported from Switzerland available at your IGA.
Gruyere suisse

Swiss Gruyère

The king of Swiss cheeses, Swiss Gruyère is a controlled original appellation, meaning it must come from a specific region of Switzerland in order to be called Gruyère. This firm raw-milk cheese has a hazelnut flavour and is delicious barely melted on apple pie.

Gruyere de grotte

Kaltbach Cave Gruyère

In the same family as Swiss Gruyère, Kaltbach Gruyère is aged in a cave for at least nine months before it lands on your plate. This cheese makes the perfect French onion soup topping.



Emmental cheese is named for the region that produces it, Switzerland’s Emme valley. This firm cheese is known for the holes caused by gas forming during the ripening process.

Vacherin fribourgeois

Vacherin Fribourgeois

A cheese with fruity, slightly acidic flavours, it frequently appears in traditional cheese fondue.



This firm raw-milk cheese is ripened for three to six months. During this time, it is brushed with a blend of herbs, salt, and water, giving the cheese its herbal, lightly fruity flavour. Appenzeller is delicious sliced on a croque-monsieur or in a sandwich.

Tete de moine

Tête de moine

This firm raw-milk cheese called “Monk’s Head” is named for its shape, which somewhat resembles the bald pates of monks in olden days. The cheese can be shaved into a blossom by means of a special knife called a girolle. Tête de moine is attractive on a cheese platter or in a salad.

Gruyere marechal

Le Maréchal

Le Maréchal is a raw-milk cheese ripened in a cave for at least four months. Inspired by Appenzeller, it is coated in organic herbs that give it a characteristic herbal flavour. The face on the label is that of the current producer’s grandfather. He was a farrier (maréchal-ferrant in French), hence the name of the cheese.


Raclette cheese

A classic Swiss cheese, Raclette cheese has a creamy texture that is ideal for topping vegetables or for a meal of raclette. The firm raw-milk cheese is available sliced or in a wedge.



A raw-milk cheese from the region of the same name, Tilsit is cave-ripened, which gives it a fruity flavour. Serve on a cheese platter with berry jam for tasting.



This raw-milk cheese has a very hard texture similar to Parmesan. It is ripened for at least 18 months, resulting in a very strong flavour. Grate it onto dishes for the perfect finishing touch.



Vigneron has a sharp aroma and a lightly spicy flavour. Cut it into matchsticks and serve it on toast with pears.



Exclusive to IGA, this firm raw-milk Swiss cheese is characterized by fruity citrus and apricot flavours and aromas. It is ideal for gratin dishes or in cubes on a cheese-platter.