Win a trip to Paris for 2

Win a trip to Paris for 2!

This summer, what could be better than experiencing the French art of living?

Paris offers you romance, refinement, relaxation, and gastronomic discoveries. On the occasion of the national holiday of France, Ile de France would like you to experience the many riches of Parisian life.

From July 7 to August 7, enter the "Fly to Paris with Ile de France and that’s about it! " contest. It’s so easy. With the purchase of an Ile de France, Soignon, Saint Agur or Le Rustique cheese, simply submit your receipt to www.flytoparis-contest.ca  and you could win a trip to Paris with the person of your choice!

Sobey’s Québec/IGA does not manage this contest therefore can’t be charged with any responsibilities towards this contest.


Differentiate your French cheeses

Camembert and Brie (Ile de France): Ile de France offers a Camembert and Brie with a bloomy rind made entirely from cows' milk with a distinctive buttery taste and a pleasant aroma of mushrooms. 

Le Rustique: Le Rustique is a Camembert with a bloomy rind, a woody taste and notes of raw milk. Its characteristic taste, melting texture and rich, aromatic flavours will delight all lovers of Camembert with an intense taste. 

Soignon: Made from 100% French goat's milk, its fine, melting texture and clear taste will delight lovers of goat's cheese.

Saint Agur: This marbled double-cream blue cheese is distinguished by its rich, creamy, buttery taste and subtle spicy note. Less salty than a traditional blue cheese, it has been produced since 1988 from a winning recipe!

Soignon goat cheese, a summer staple!

Founded in 1895 in the Poitou-Charentes region of France, the Soignon brand is recognized as France’s leading producer of high-end goat cheese. With more than 100 years of traditional French cheese-making experience, Soignon is now the most sought-after brand of imported goat cheese worldwide.

This summer, welcome your guests with so delicious appetizers prepared according to fast and easy recipes. Our recommendation, The Unripened goat log Plain 125 g., a tasty ingredient in many Soignon recipes!