We all love compliments.

From fresh fruits and vegetables, to frozen, canned and ready-to-eat meals, you'll find our delicious Compliments products in all of our aisles.

And with a wider selection of Compliments products, it's easier than ever to get a taste.

1. Breaded cod nuggets

All kids love cod nuggets, and what a great way to add fish to the menu! The Compliments nuggets are made using large cod fillets that are sustainably sourced. Lightly breaded with wheat breadcrumbs, they’re an easy solution that the whole family will love:

  • Mini-burgers: Spread some spicy mayo between mini burger buns cut in half. Add cod nuggets and some prepared coleslaw.
  • Fish tacos: Place pieces of codfish nuggets and a tomato, corn, black bean, and fresh cilantro salsa into a soft tortilla.
  • Wrap sandwiches: Get a flat bread and top it with hummus, avocado, and cucumber. Add a few pieces of cod nuggets and roll it all up. Lunch is served!

2. Frozen meatballs

Who doesn’t love meatballs? Check out the Italian variety, made with beef, garlic, parsley, and Romano and Parmesan cheese. It’s a must for your pasta or spaghetti squash recipes!

  • Baked sandwiches: On a submarine bread, drop a few Italian meatballs and sprinkle your favourite cheese. Heat in the oven to melt the cheese.
  • Meatball soup: Start with homemade or store-bought broth, and add baby spinach, julienned carrots, cooked short pasta, and meatballs. Serve with freshly grated Parmesan cheese for the ultimate comfort food!
  • Meatball pizza: Top store-bought pizza dough with tomato sauce, halved meatballs, sliced olives, diced red peppers, and shredded Parmesan cheese.

3. Pre-cooked bacon

The Compliments fully cooked bacon is smoked naturally and contains 50% less salt. Ready in just a few seconds, it’s the perfect addition to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Practical products for everyday cooking

There are some ingredients you should always have on hand for a meal that’s both quick and delish. These include canned tomatoes and legumes, chicken broth, dry pasta, whole grains, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and pre-cut and frozen veggies. These give you a base for healthy, yummy meals for the week.

1. Frozen fruit

Selected with care and with no added sugar, Compliments frozen fruits are a great way to have fresh, summer fruit on hand all year long. Take your pick of berries, tropical fruit, or pitted fruit to create a variety of recipes.

Smoothies: Kick off your day with a fruity green smoothie, a delicious blend of mango, kale, banana, apple juice, avocado, and spinach.

Warm fruit compote: Combine your favourite berries with a little water and maple syrup to make a tasty compote. Keep it in the fridge and serve it with plain yogurt, or as a topping for your pancakes or waffles.

Homemade fruit roll-ups: A fun recipe to make with the kids and to slip into their lunchbox! Try our recipe using your favourite fruits.

2. Roasted garlic hummus

The simplest foods are often the best ones. For instance, a chickpea and tahini spread can serve as a base for an amazing meal and elevate all sorts of recipes. Hummus is your perfect lunchtime ally: think sandwiches, spreads, dips, pies, scrambled eggs. So many options, so little time!

Dip-meals: In the Middle East, hummus is often served as a main course, with a variety of sides, such as ground meat and pine nuts. Improvise a bowl-meal with a hummus base in a snap. Simply add fresh or grilled veggies, a blend of spiced nuts, caramelized onions, or leftover chicken. Lacking inspiration? Try one of our three fresh hummus varieties: Italian, Greek, and Mexican, for an out-of-this-world meal!

Gourmet sandwiches: Move over, mustard and ham! Time to reinvent your lunches . . . with hummus. A few suggestions: olive ciabatta with roasted peppers, hummus, and arugula, or pita with hummus and mini beef meatballs. You can also try a quick baguette, caramelized almonds, marinated radishes, and hummus. Yum!

Tasty sauce: You can use hummus as a sauce in your tofu, tempeh, and grilled veggie bowl, over Indian-style beef cubes, or even as a dip for your souvlaki pita with veal, mint, and feta bites.

3. Tortillas

Tortillas are so versatile. You can use them for fajitas, sandwiches, pizzas, burritos, and tacos. The Compliments brand offers whole wheat or regular tortillas. They come in various formats and are low in saturated fats.

Quesadillas: Use what you have in the fridge to make quesadillas in a snap. Leftover chicken? Great! Use it to make a quick quesadilla with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, and cheese. Serve with cilantro-flavoured sour cream or salsa.

Grilled: If your tortillas have gone a little stale, sprinkle them with a little sumac or thyme and put them in the oven. Serve them with dip for a perfect happy-hour snack, or add them to your salad for some extra crunch and flavour.

Breakfast rolls: The kids are going to love these rolls! Spread some plain peanut butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread, and top with sliced bananas or strawberries.