C Cochon

C Cochon

Young Quebec entrepreneurs created C Cochon to provide quality deli products that keep at room temperature. Since these deli meats don’t need to be refrigerated, you can take them anywhere. They’re perfect for picnics and hikes in the mountains, or to keep on hand for a tasty afternoon snack.

C Cochon

Dry sausages

Made from Quebec pork, C Cochon dry sausages are seasoned to perfection and cured for several weeks, which gives them their characteristic texture. The dry sausages come in five flavours.

Nature (Plain)

The original dried sausage, seasoned simply with salt and black pepper


Made with Quebec Glutenberg gluten-free beer


Made with classic Boivin Cheddar cheese

Blue Cheese

Made with traditional Castello blue cheese


Made with a hint of garlic that blends perfectly with the natural cured meat flavour

Mini Pepperoni

Mini Pepperoni come in bite-sized pieces. The natural smoke used after curing gives them their distinct taste. Mini Pepperoni are available in mild and spicy.