High quality sausages dried in the purest European tradition

Le Sauciflard sausages

Le Sauciflard sausages are dried and cured according to strict French tradition. Their rich, spicy aroma will earn the respect of sausage aficionados.

Available exclusively at IGA

Le Sauciflard sausages are inspired by good old European know-how. Made with 100% pork meat, they’re carefully seasoned and dried to develop the robust, distinctive flavour typical of rustic sausages. Available in ten exclusive flavours from your IGA retailer, these sausages will be a hit with sausage lovers everywhere, whether for starters or as ingredients in your recipes. You'll find Le Sauciflard sausages in the deli-meat department.

Ask them at the deli meat service counter

Each sausage is available in a 300 g size. The varieties No. 1 Original, No. 2 Parmesan, and No. 3 Chorizo can be sliced on request at the deli meat service counter.

Le Sauciflard sausage varieties

Le Sauciflard sausage varieties

The perfect sausage for cocktail hour

When you’re hosting family and friends, nothing's more inviting than a big platter full of favourite cocktail nibbles. Le Sauciflard sausages are perfect additions to your appetizer platters alongside the cheese and terrines. Try out our cheese and sausage pairing suggestions.
+ We love: the toasted almond flavour of Grondines, the ideal match for the full, distinctive flavours of the original Rosette de Lyon sausage.
+ We love: the caramel and onion confit flavours of Le Cantolait, a nice pairing for the fruity taste of Parmesan sausage.
+ We love: the slightly tart and fresh milk flavour of the cheese, suitable for the typically fresh taste of white wine sausage.
+ We love: the salty flavour of Le Chèvre Noir aged cheese to bring out the Mediterranean accents of Herbes de Provence sausage.
+ We love: Le Cendrillon’s slight sharpness to enhance the spiciness of black pepper sausage.
+ We love: strong floral aromas of La Tomme de brebis de Charlevoix, a wonderful pairing for the fruity, tannic accents of red wine sausage.
+ We love: the intense, long-lasting flavour of Perron Le Doyen cheddar cheese, simply sublime with the spicy flavour of hot pepper sausage.
+ We love: Le Calumet’s subtle smokiness, a great match for the smoked paprika flavour of chorizo sausage
+ We love: the smooth texture and fresh, tangy flavour of l’Enchanteur, a perfect match for the sweet taste of fig and port sausage.
+ We love: Le Blackburn’s taste of spices and toasted hazelnut, which stand up well to the bold flavour of blue cheese and red wine sausage.

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