Fruits de mer du Québec, a Gaspésie company

Fruits de mer du Québec, a Gaspésie company

Fruits de mer du Québec is a company that offers a wide range of top-quality products, fresh from Gaspésie and available exclusively at IGA! When you purchase these products, not only do you get to enjoy incredibly fresh fish and seafood, you’re also encouraging seasoned Gaspésie fishermen who only reel in the best of the best!

Find them in-store: these freshly fished then frozen products can be found in the freezer marked Fruits de mer du Québec that’s filled with great Gaspésie finds.

PRODUCT FROM Fruits de mer du Québec & Sushi à la maison

Proud exclusive suppliers to IGA, Fruits de mer du Québec and Sushi à la maison have teamed up to create delicious seafood doughnuts that will steal the spotlight at your next meal with friends. Based on Geneviève Everell’s original recipe, this certified Aliments du Québec creation is sure to delight everyone. Made with local crab and shrimp, these doughnuts can be enjoyed as appetizers with a dipping sauce and pickled veggies, or as part of the main course in a crunchy Asian salad or a rainbow-coloured poke bowl.



For your favourite white fish recipes, opt for pre-portioned turbot, halibut, cod, or even cod jowls.


Seafood lovers, you’re going to simply adore cooking with these fresh finds: Northern shrimp, shrimp and scallop duo, and medium and big scallops.


Impress your guests at your next happy hour with cod cakes, coquilles Gratin des Îles, and a platter of Quebec smoked cod, mackerel, turbot, and salmon.