Discover the exceptional smoked salmon by Les Fumoirs Gosselin

Discover the exceptional smoked salmon by Les Fumoirs Gosselin!

The Eastern Townships are brimming with gourmet finds, like the famous smoked salmon by Les Fumoirs Gosselin. This family-run business, located in the town of Frelighsburg, offers a superior-quality product made according to an artisanal recipe and a unique hot-smoking technique. On top of being delicious, this salmon boasts 4-star BAP certification (Best Aquaculture Practice), and is free of antibiotics. A winning combo!

You can prepare this smoked salmon in a variety of ways, to your heart’s content. Fall in love with one of three flavours, ideal for sandwiches, salads, quiches, pizzas, and poke bowls!

Family Tradition


For three generations now, the Gosselin family has owned and operated their retail store in the charming town of Frelighsburg. Today, after learning the ropes from their father and grandfather, the Gosselin brothers have taken over and now oversee their successful business: Les Fumoirs Gosselin. Their father still owns Les Marchés Tradition Yvanhoe Gosselin et Fils Ltée, a grocery store on rue Principale, right in the heart of the village. In fact, it was at this very store that it all began.

Driven by the entrepreneurial fibre passed down from father to son, Samuel and Charles Gosselin started smoking salmon and selling it at a very young age, thanks to the techniques taught by their father, a fishing enthusiast who loved to smoke his catches himself. Over the years, the Gosselin brothers have perfected their know-how, acquiring their own smoker and applying smoking techniques inspired by Scandinavian countries. After several tries, their efforts were rewarded: they managed to produce a smoked salmon with a unique and subtle maple flavour!

This top-quality product is now available in IGA stores across Quebec and has put the small town of Frelighsburg on the map!


Hot smoking is an ancestral technique that aims to preserve and aromatize food. Today, this method is mainly used to heighten the flavour of fish, meat, and cheese, infusing them with a unique and natural smoked aroma.

At Les Fumoirs Gosselin, the smoking process begins with a dry brine (this entails rubbing the salmon with a dry mixture of coarse salt and brown sugar) in order to reduce the fish’s humidity level, which in turn limits the formation of bacteria, and lets the fish better absorb the smoky flavours. This type of artisanal maple-wood smoking technique allows for a low and slow cooking of the salmon, resulting in a firm flesh that melts in your mouth. It’s a cooking method that gives the salmon a unique and mouth-watering maple taste, all while preserving its nutritional values.


These three hot-smoked salmon flavours are all succulent, and can be prepared in a variety of ways! Smoked salmon is a nice alternative to smoked meat, and a great way of reinventing your favourite classics!


Simplicity at its best! A recipe that really lets the natural smoked flavours shine. Enjoy this classic smoked salmon on a bagel, with lemon pasta, in a salad with avocado, or in a selection of happy hour hors d'œuvres.


A sweet/savoury combo that’s great any time of day! This local flavour is sure to charm you every time. As a laid-back appetizer, serve it whole with a selection of crackers, tapenades, pickled vegetables, and cheese. For a one-of-a-kind presentation, toss it in a salad with apples and caramelized nuts!


Make it the star of your next brunch! Impress your guests with a Russian-inspired recipe: thick crepes topped with smoked salmon, creamy plain yogurt, pickled onions, and dill.
To liven up your weeknight dinners, whip up a maple-inspired meal: curry-squash soup topped with generous chunks of smoked salmon, or an Asian stir-fry served with slices of salmon. Succulent!

Serving suggestion: the salmon is hot-smoked, meaning it is already cooked. Simply open the package and serve. It is recommended to leave the salmon at room temperature for 10 minutes before consuming.


With its many nutritional benefits, smoked salmon is an ingredient you should incorporate into your weekly menu. Versatile, it’s great in Asian-inspired sandwiches with carrot slices and fresh cilantro, in a salad with orange segments and mint, or on crackers with fresh cheese and topped with avocado. Three simple and delicious recipe ideas to celebrate the wonderful taste of smoked salmon!

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