Quebec fishing and seafood

Quebec fishing and seafood

The countdown has officially ended. Fishing season is finally here. It's time to discover, prepare and enjoy this year’s six featured items!


• July and August

• The Magdalen Islands

The scallop is the only bivalve mollusc able to swim by rapidly clapping its shells together.

Snow crab


• March to June

• The North Shore and the Gaspé

Only male snow crabs are kept when caught. The much smaller female is returned to the water to preserve the species.



• All year long

• The Magdalen Islands

Quebec oysters are as good as any from the maritime provinces. With their delicate and salty taste these oysters have an abundant flesh and a silky texture

Northern shrimp


• April to October

• The Gaspé and Sept-Îles

Caught in cold, northern waters, this miniature shrimp is considered more flavourful and delicious than its cousins who come from warmer waters. No wonder it’s so highly prized!



• May to July

• The Magdalen Islands, the Gaspé, Anticosti Island

This king of crustaceans is simply fascinating! It can live for decades and scientists are curious to know more about its longevity!



• May to October

• The North Shore and the Gaspé

Turbot is also known as Greenland halibut or black halibut.


Talk to our fish and seafood experts about quality, selection and cooking methods for our Quebec marine species. They'll be happy to share their passion for food with you!