Puree: the perfect side for any dish

Puree: the perfect side for any dish

Looking for a way to wow your guests or add that gourmet touch to your dishes without spending hours in the kitchen? Then it’s about time you got acquainted with the new vegetable purees by Épurée!

The concept is straightforward: fresh, top-quality Quebec vegetables turned into tastebud-palpitating purees by Chef Marco Gagnon. Dunk the sous-vide packet into boiling water for just a few minutes, and voilà—that’s French for you’re done!

Épurée—the healthy, easy way to bring colour, flavour, and texture to all your dishes!

The culinary brains behind the brand

With nearly 15 years of experience in Quebec’s most reputable dining establishments, Chef Marco Gagnon was looking for a simple way to make the flavours and stylings of high-end cuisine more accessible. That’s how the Épurée seed was planted! Today, thanks to the purees by Épurée, anyone can whip up dishes that are as gorgeous and tasty as the ones you find in the most fabulous restaurants on the scene.

Powered by eco-friendly values, the company founded by Marco Gagnon is aiming to go zero waste. That’s why you can recycle the packaging as well as the sous-vide bag.

Plus, vegetable scraps are sold at low cost to a farmer and people with disabilities work on the packaging.

This is a chef whose values are deeply rooted in community and who wants to make a positive impact—one puree at a time!

Beet puree

With its dreamy purplish colour, this smooth and creamy puree is an aesthetic asset to any meal, especially when you want to take your pasta, risotto, or quinoa salad to the next level! Add the liquid of your choice (chicken stock, cream, water) to transform this puree into a succulent soup! For a restaurant-worthy appetizer, grace with a unique garnish such as julienned green apple atop a dollop of fresh goat cheese. For dessert, this puree is the perfect subtly sweet addition to your red velvet cake!

Suggested recipe: Marinated Tofu, Vegetable Stir-fry & Beet Purée

Cauliflower puree

In recent years, a spotlight has been shone on the many culinary virtues of the very versatile cauliflower. Its delicate flavour is the perfect vehicle for all kinds of herbs. This exquisitely seasoned puree with garlic, onion, olive oil, and a pinch of salt is the ideal starting point for all your culinary adventures! With soup, gratins, pasta, or sides, this cauliflower puree brings creamy texture to pretty much every plate.

Suggested recipe: Salmon Pavé with Sautéed Green Beans & Bacon

Broccoli puree

This broccoli puree with spinach, onion, a small pat of butter, and a pinch of salt is an easy way to elevate your pasta or spice up your lunch salad. Poultry goes dazzlingly with this green side dish. Our secret for the perfect soup? Add an egg yolk to the puree along with the liquid of your choice. You’ve never tasted a soup so smooth.

Suggested recipe: Flank Steak with Broccoli Purée & Thyme Hash Browns

Carrot puree

If you think that carrot puree isn’t colourful or fun, you obviously haven’t tried Épurée’s version! This carrot, white wine, onion, butter, and salt blend is a sensational side for your fish or meat dish. Pork chops, for instance, pair perfectly with this puree. For the more adventuresome among you: try elevating your hummus with this carrot puree. It’s so simple to make and it will keep people coming back for more as an appetizer with grilled pita, or on a grilled tofu sandwich.

Suggested recipe: Nagano Pork Chops, Carrot Purée & Gremolata

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic and have always been an important part of Quebec cuisine. To save some time come dinnertime, give this exceptional Épurée blend a try. If you love the comfort food aspect of mashed potatoes, go ahead, add in some cheese curd, green onion, sausage, or old-style mustard. Let your gourmet imagination go wild!

Suggested recipe: Piri Piri BBQ-style Chicken & Mashed Potatoes with Olives