Proudly Prepared* in Canada

Proudly Prepared* in Canada

Something for all Canadians

Proudly Prepared* in: Boisbriand, QC

Prepared in Boisbriand QC, VH®* and Pogo® were created for busy Canadian families on the go. Both VH® and Pogo® make meals a little more fun, exciting and delicious!

Proudly Prepared* in: Dresden, ON

Hunt’s® Heirloom tomatoes are proudly grown by real Canadian farmers in Dresden, ON. The tradition of quality, passion, and dedication is carried on through the hard work of Canadian farmers and the results are flavourful tomato products with Hunt’s® Heirloom.

Proudly Prepared* in: Richmond, BC

We’re insanely passionate about helping Canadians eat less meat. 19 years ago, Gardein® was developed by a Canadian chef and culinary expert and today, your favourite plant-based foods* are prepared in Richmond, BC.

*With the exception of Gardein® plant-based Chick’n Sliders, Chick’n Fajita Bowl and Teriyaki Chick’n Bowl, VH® Chinese Fondue Mix, Bean Sprouts and Pouches & Hunt’s® Tomato Sauce 910 ml Tetra Pack SKUs x2.