Small Picnic? Not That small!

Small Picnic? Not That small!

Enjoy the family moments of joy with NEW P'tit Quebec "Not that Small" Cheese packs!

“The “Pas si p’tit” (“Not That Small” in English) new campaign that was launched in Quebec last year, centres around the “joie de vivre” or finding joy in life’s little pleasures, a daily sentiment that both defines and unites Quebecers across generations. And one such pleasure for many Quebecers includes savouring the creamy and mild flavoured goodness of P’tit Québec cheese, loved by Quebecers since 1960.

The No.1 Cheese brand in Québec*, Now available in a 1.15kg Super-Size bar format!

Product features :

  • Natural cheese made with 100% Canadian milk
  • Good source of Calcium
P'tit Québec Mozza
Pastille P'tit Québec Marbré
And introducing a NEW stretchy cooking cheese flavour “Mozaaaaaa Cheddar” in a 907g pack

Product features :

  • Richer and Creamier
  • Sources of Calcium
  • Resealable with a zipper
Pastille P'tit Québec

*Nielsen, Québec, 3 canaux, 52 dern. sem., jusqu’au 11 sept. 2021