Snacks and juice on the go for back to school

Snacks and juice on the go for back to school

Fruit goes great in lunch boxes. And with fruit cups and juices, you have two convenient, portable formats for all your activities. Mix it up to create fun, nutritious lunches for the whole family.


Brighten up every lunch box with Oasis®! With so many flavours to choose from and no added sugar ever (promise!), you can enjoy a deliciously different juice every day. All our juices are made from 100 % quality fruit and vegetables chosen at the source in order to provide you with vitamins and minerals. Our juices contain no added sugars, sweeteners or stevia, only the natural sugars from the fruit itself. You have our word!

Proudly dedicated to the people here, the Oasis® brand cares about the health of Canadian families.

Oasis HydraFruit®

The perfect refreshment for healthier lunch boxes, HydraFruit® contains less sugar than the leading regular fruit juice blends and nothing artificial!

HydraFruit® contains 60% less sugar and calories than the leading regular fruit juices to help you hydrate without compromise. With no added sugar, sweetener or stevia, HydraFruit® offers a delicious pure and simple taste.

With several sun-filled flavours, HydraFruit® is the fruity choice to hydrate when you want more than just water.

Treat yourself to a Del Monte® break

Del Monte® harvests its fruits at precisely the right time. This means our fruit is always perfectly ripe, sweet, tender and juicy. Each bite overflows with flavour; you’ve got to taste it to believe it.

  • Each Del Monte® Fruit Cup® is an extra serving of fruit for your daily diet.
  • Del Monte® fruit cups come in several different varieties. Our single-serving snack cups of fruit in water contain no added sugar and are only 15 to 20 calories each.
  • High in vitamin C