Le bouillon solidaire

quebec-made products that combine flavour and solidarity!

Bulles Solidaires is a deliciously festive way to celebrate the La Tablée des Chefs’ 20th anniversary and support its mission to feed and educate.

What is Bulles Solidaires?

Made 100% in Quebec, Bulles Solidaires is the result of a rigorous selection of Lassonde’s best apples. This sparkling apple must is a non-alcoholic beverage that’s perfect for celebrating with family and friends of all ages!

An $8 donation will be made to La Tablée des Chefs for each bottle sold.

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Le bouillon solidaire

Mission and social impact

Founded in 2002, La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization on a two-pronged mission to feed and to educate.

Since Day 1, La Tablée des Chefs has helped in the fight against hunger by distributing over 7,000,000 servings to date—in addition to educating more than 35,000 young people and helping them become more food secure.


After his hospitality management studies at ITHQ, Jean-François Archambault quickly rose to a management position in the hotel industry. In 2002, he presented a new idea: feeding people in need by recovering food surplus from hotels and caterers. Shortly thereafter, his project got legs as La Tablée des Chefs.

Every year, La Tablée des Chefs feeds more than 1 million people through its food recovery program.  

Solid partners in solidarity

La Tablée des Chefs programs wouldn’t exist without the support of generous partners like IGA. A long-time partner of the organization, IGA is proud to help feed people, one small act at a time.


All three Le Bouillon Solidaire broths are made from top-quality ingredients—with a socially impactful aftertaste. For every broth sold, a portion of the profits goes to supporting La Tablée des Chefs programs and activities. Turns out cooking and solidarity do make the perfect pairing!

Chicken bone broth

This broth is super high in protein. As delicious as it is flavourful, Le Bouillon Solidaire chicken bone broth can take your dishes to the next level in an instant. This chicken broth is an essential pantry asset to have on deck for when it’s time to make soups, stews, sauces, risottos, and couscous. Its high-quality ingredients make this bone broth a sure-fire way to keep you warm come those chilly winter nights!

Chicken, mushroom, and estragon soup

Sip on a bit of comfort with this highly flavourful chicken soup in which mushrooms, leeks, and estragon come together in perfectly delicious harmony. Fabulous soup experience guaranteed with a quality chicken broth from La Tablée des Chefs.

Beef bone broth

High in protein and gluten-free, this beef broth conveys the kind of flavour it takes to elevate your cooking. More than enough all by itself, Le Bouillon Solidaire’s beef bone broth also makes culinary magic with braised meats, roasts, pho, beef and barley soup, as well as French onion soup. When they get back home from all the winter fun, get your family feeling toasty warm again with a protein-packed snack.

Fall beef, acorn squash, cipollini onion, and star anis stew

Stews are a snap to make and cook over several hours, making your whole space smell deliciously homey! For unrivalled seasonal smells, try our beef stew elevated by cinnamon, clove, and star anis. This dish’s secret weapon: a smooth sauce made with red wine and beef bone broth.

Vegetable broth

Want a vegetarian option that doesn’t skimp on taste? Then this vegetable broth should probably become your kitchen staple! Your soups, stews, and risottos will attain succulent status with this Tablée des Chefs vegetable broth as a base. Looking for a more exotic vibe? Add vegetable broth to your curried squash, Moroccan chickpea soup, and coconut milk lentil dahl.

Quinoa risotto (quinotto) with winter vegetables

Attention risotto afficionados: this 100% vegan quinotto recipe with root veggies will knock your socks right off! And where there’s risotto, there’s broth! Which is why you should choose a vegetable broth that’s made right—like the one by La Tablée des Chefs.