Sausages and Beer

Sausages and beer make a great team! Find the perfect mouth-watering combinations by following the pairings suggested by beer expert Philippe Wouters.

Treat yourself to a typical German eating experience: sausage and beer night! Pairing sausages with different types of beer will bring out unexpected flavours.

Beer and sausage pairings from Philippe Wouters:

Sausages Flavour profile Descriptions
Honey & garlic
The beer’s fullness mingles with the honey for a bold pairing!
Cheddar & broccoli Blonde amère The cheese finds its footing on the mild bitterness of the beer.
Merguez The bitterness from the beer offsets the spiciness of the merguez.
Tomato & basil A pairing based on the basil that adds crispness to the beer with every bite you take.
Chorizo Ambree The moderate bitterness is the perfect complement to this well-seasoned sausage.
Cranberry maple A malty or sweet beer that pairs wonderfully with maple and enhances the cranberry.
Maple & chipotle Noire douce Roasted malts are great with chipotle.
Dates & bacon Blonde amère A gourmet sausage and thirst-quenching beer that scintillates your taste buds with every bite.
Knackwurst Blonde amère A great classic that deserves to be enjoyed with the most popular beer type.
Bavarian Rousse amère The beer’s mild bitterness offers a lovely contrast to the spices used in the Bavarian sausage.
Apples & cheddar Rousse douce  Caramelized malts enhance the taste of apple.
Smoked with Swiss cheese
Prepare to be won over by the delicate smoky flavour and melting cheese.
Ambree douce The perfect pairing with lightly caramelized beers.
Beets and garlic
A surprising combo that’s both colourful and savoury!
Blonde amère  A touch of bitterness to go with the taste of beets.
Blueberries and maple
Quebec’s favourite local flavours in a single sausage.
Ronde The sugar in the beer adds a bit of body.
The enchanting flavours of India will take your taste buds on a journey.
Ambree Curry spices and the beer's bitterness work well together.
Mild Italian
The much-loved classic, seasoned with authentic Italian herbs.
Rousse douce A discreet pairing that mild beer lovers will love.
Hot Italian
A hot sausage featuring the flavours of Italy. Incomparable!
Rousse douce A refreshing pairing with a caramel note finish.
Prepare to be won over by the delicate smoky flavour and melting cheese.
Rousse amère Slight bitterness and caramel notes to go with this classic sausage.
Bacon and cheddar
A gourmet flavour duo that’s a winning choice for all ages.
Rousse amère The malt’s caramel flavour plays well with bacon and cheese.


Use different cooking techniques for excellent results!

In the oven In a skillet
Cook on a baking sheet for 15 to 25 minutes in a 180°C (350°F) oven. Cook over low heat for about 15 minutes, turning them every 3 to 4 minutes.
This is the simplest cooking method. This method requires closer attention but produces the most flavourful sausages.
On the BBQ In boiling water
Grill over medium heat for about 5 minutes per side. Cook sausages in boiling water for 10 minutes until fully cooked.
If sausages are high in fat or stuffed with ingredients that might stick to the grill, boil them for 5 minutes beforehand. This method reduces the sausage's fat and salt content and is good for cooking very thick sausages, but it causes them to lose a lot of flavour!