Certified meats

To help you figure out the different classifications of certified meat, here is a short description of each category available in store.
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“Certified Humane” meat

Certified Humane® raised and handled

  • The feed contains no antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products.
  • The animals enjoy decent living conditions and sufficient space to move about naturally.
  • This certification does not guarantee that the product is organic.

Organic and bio meat Logo

Organic meat

Raised organically

  • No use of antibioticsor growth hormones.
  • Organic animal feed, free of GMOs and animal meal.
  • Animals enjoy decent living conditions and enough space to move about naturally.

Sans antibiotiques logo

“Without” and “Free of” claims

Raised or fed without antibiotics

  • Animals have never been fed or treated with antibiotics;(from birth to slaughter).
  • The animal’s mother must not have been given any antibiotics that might have left traces of antibiotics in her offspring.

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