C’est prêt!


Not enough time in the day for cooking? Or, do you simply need a break? C’est prêt is snacks, lunches and dinners that are ready to eat. Just heat and serve.

Chicken meal

A whole tender and juicy spit-roasted chicken seasoned to perfection and served with fries, barbecue sauce, and creamy coleslaw! The perfect meal ready to serve when you get home. What’s more, it’s cheaper than eating out!



New at the bistro! Here is our MINI MONSTER MEAL for busy parents. Served in a fun box, the meal includes 6 crispy chicken breast nuggets, fries, sauce, and choice of juice and dessert.

25 cents from the sale of this meal will be donated to The Charles-Bruneau Foundation.

Only available in store.



Vegetarian Chili + cheese + sour cream + chips

Vegetarian Chili + cheese + sour cream + chips

Vegetarian chili means comfort and flavour. Add on some grated Tex-Mex cheese, sour cream and green onions and you’ve got a winner everyone will love! Serve with multigrain chips for a balanced meal.

Macaroni & cheese + vegetables + green salad + ranch dressing

Macaroni & cheese + vegetables + green salad + ranch dressing

Mac and cheese is the ultimate classic! Try with Compliments Frozen Vegetables for a vitamin boost and a burst of taste. And for something a little different, side with a kale and spinach ranch salad.

Mushroom meatballs + green beans + small potatoes + beet salad

Mushroom meatballs + green beans + small potatoes + beet salad

Our new mushroom meatballs are perfect for a hassle-free weekday meal. Delicious and tender, they side delightfully with C’est Prêt! Green Beans with Roasted Almonds and Seasoned Small Potatoes. Add a beet salad for a dash of colour and voilà, dinner is served.

Ratatouille + confit chicken legs + orzo + bread

Ratatouille + confit chicken legs + orzo + bread

Give yourself a boost with C'est Prêt! Lemon Confit Chicken Legs on a bed of ratatouille sided with tomato orzo and a slice of toasted bread. A simple and tasty meal you can simply heat up and enjoy!


The perfect go-to for a quick and tasty dinner. Create your own mix of protein, side vegetables and grains. Then let your taste buds do the rest!

The C’est Prêt “combo” products were created using simple ingredients. The proof is in the ingredient list... It’s as if you cooked it yourself!






Whether you’re short on time or simply need a hand with organizing your weekly menu, C’est Prêt! family meals are an easy and delicious solution any time. Simply choose the one that will please the entire family!



Available in 5 varieties, C’est Prêt! soups are savoury and feature healthy seasonal ingredients.

Creamy broccoli, green pea and spinach soup

Gourmet tip: add a touch of sour cream, paprika, chives, and oven-roasted pancetta chips.

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Caramelized onion, carrot and sweet potato soup

Gourmet tip: make this soup even more delicious with a drizzle of 15% country-style cream, julienned green apples, a handful of chopped fresh basil, and toasted pine nuts.

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Chicken orzo soup

Gourmet tip: try it topped with homemade croutons, celery leaves, and chopped flat-leaf parsley.

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Thai lentil and coconut soup

Gourmet tip: for added flavour, add avocado slices, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, chopped cilantro, and lime zest.

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Tuscan bean and kale soup

Gourmet tip: make it irresistible with oven-baked kale chips, thin slices of radish, and lemon zest.

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Nourishing bowls

Ready-made nourishing bowls, what an exquisite and easy dinner idea!

A choice of three delicious varieties: chicken, salmon, and General Tao chicken.

They are made with vegetables and a delicious healthy garnish, for example: edamame served on a bed of basmati rice or Asian noodles sprinkled with sesame seeds! They are packed with flavour and freshness!



Flatbread pizzas are a most delicious trend! It couldn’t be easier: just unwrap and heat up! Cooked on site and made with quality ingredients!
A choice of four styles: Margherita, Italian, chicken and spinach, and vegetables and goat cheese.

Margherita: the flatbread is topped with a subtle blend of oil and fines herbes and garnished with sundried tomatoes, bocconcini slices, and fresh basil.

Italian: the flatbread is topped with a subtle blend of oil and fines herbes and garnished with calabrese salami, spicy capicollo, mozzarella cheese, roasted sweet peppers, and Parmesan petals.

Chicken and spinach: the flatbread is topped with a creamy Alfredo sauce and garden pesto and garnished with tasty chicken pieces, mozzarella cheese, and baby spinach.

Vegetables and goat cheese: the flatbread is topped with a creamy Alfredo sauce and pesto and garnished with a mix of white mushrooms, roasted sweet peppers, arugula, and goat cheese.



You’ll find a wide variety of wraps to help when you’re pressed for time or simply to treat yourself. They are fresh, delicious, and loved by our customers!

Tempt your taste buds with our new chicken Caesar wrap!

A wrap made with tender and juicy chicken, crispy bacon, bruschetta mix, romaine lettuce, and mayonnaise, all rolled up in a delicious smoked BBQ tortilla. A true feast for lunch!


Protein snacks

C’est prêt! has healthy on-the-go snacks, prepared in-store using fresh products. Protein snacks are ideal for tying you over until your next meal. With many versions available, they will be sure to please the whole family!

Convenient fruits and vegetables