More than ever, Québec’s favourite beans are getting fresh!

Clark, proud local ambassador of true bean goodness, proudly presents four new tasty varieties in the ready-to-eat refrigerated section.

Maple Syrup Beans

Inspired by Québec’s famous sugar shacks, Clark Maple Syrup Beans are a welcome addition to your gourmet brunch. Our whole, tender and soft beans are simmered in an exquisite amber sauce with a fragrant aroma, made with pure Quebec maple syrup. A real delight, ready to enjoy.

Maple Syrup & Ham Beans

Clark Maple Syrup and Ham Beans recreate this authentic sugar shack recipe: a fabulous combination of real Quebec maple syrup sauce and cooked ham pieces. A great way to enjoy this delicious and festive sugar shack tradition at home, twelve months a year!

Old Fashioned Beans with Pork

A blend of sweet and savoury ingredients, Clark Old Fashioned Beans with Pork are ideal for gourmet palates. Tender whole beans, simmered in a silky amber-coloured sauce, delicately peppered and decorated with tender pieces of pork, deserve your finest dishes!

Country Style Breakfast Beans

Clark Country Style Breakfast Beans take you back to a time when maple syrup wasn’t yet the custom, and our ancestors cooked their beans in brown sugar with a hint of mustard. A succulent variant worthy of our best regional fare!
BBQ-style brunch

BBQ-style brunch

Introducing the revamped “Construction Breakfast” brunch for those who have a bear-sized appetite. Enough energy to tackle all the afternoon’s activities!

For 8 guests - On the barbecue, roast sausages, ham, tomato halves and any other vegetables you like such as asparagus, large mushrooms (portobello), zucchini. Heat Clark Maple Syrup & Ham Beans in a cast iron frying pan. In another skillet, prepare eggs to your taste. Serve with toast and a vitamin-rich orange juice.

TIP - Is it the dead of winter? No problem! Invite your guests to sit down and feast around a raclette oven to make this gourmet moment last!

Vegetable omelette

Vegetable omelette

What could be better than a well-garnished omelette to brighten up the morning and start the day off right with the family. It's easy, and children can help prepare this tasty classic!

For 6 guests - Prepare a standard omelette mixture with about twelve eggs. In a cast iron skillet, brown cubed and sliced seasonal vegetables, or any vegetables you already have in the fridge. Pour in the eggs, and sprinkle with shavings of your favourite cheese. Bake the omelette, then let it rise and brown a little. In the meantime, heat Clark Country Style Breakfast Beans. Finally, place all the items on the table, accompanied by croissants and colourful fruit platters.

TIP - Original twist: Pour the preparation into a lightly oiled and pre-heated waffle iron for a fun waffle-omelette that’s sure to please children and adults alike!

English-style brunch

English-style brunch

It's 11 a.m. Let's do as the English are doing! While it’s brunch here, it’s 4 p.m. teatime in England.

To recreate this experience and continue the English tea ritual, serve salty appetizers followed by bite-sized sweets. And don’t forget your favourite herbal tea!

For 4 guests - First, prepare your favourite tea. Traditionally, loose-leaf tea is preferred. Heat 4 ramekins filled with Clark Maple Syrup Beans. Serve with traditional scones, English muffins, cupcakes, crème fraîche or mascarpone and various jams and marmalades.

Take some time to set the stage: bring out your most elegant cups, and present everything on porcelain plates and bowls, for instance. Top things off with a selection of cheeses, dried fruit and nuts. Cheers!

TIP - To set your table as befits an English garden party, sprinkle the petals of edible flowers, such as begonias, that pair perfectly with fresh fruit.