Prix Club

Prix Club

Prix Club, an enticing offer! Your IGA dealers are offering bulk products at reduced prices!

Ideal to help you plan your weekly menu all while respecting your budget.

Benefits of buying in bulk?

The first thing to come to mind is saving money, of course! Buying certain items in bulk allows for more savings, and you can even check off items on your shopping list for the following weeks at the same time. Stocking up is everything!


Organization is essential when the family is busy with work, school, day camp, and activities! Meal planning for snacks, lunches, and dinners calls for strong organizational skills week after week. Buying certain products in bulk lets you simplify your game plan. Check one chore off your to-do list by keeping fruits, cheese, and drinkable yogurts for snacks on hand.

Fruits and vegetables





Meal makers



Health and beauty


Frozen meat


Find recipe inspiration, featuring delicious Big Sizes products.

Case of avocados

Although often thought of as a vegetable, this fruit contains healthy fats and has a silky texture when eaten. Avocados go great in guacamole, poke bowls, desserts, and even grilled on the barbecue. Their cooking versatility is limitless!