Quick meal ideas

Hooray for quick and easy meal ideas!

Say goodbye to meal planning and prepping headaches: our quick and easy meal ideas are guaranteed to make your life easier! Find them all over our store, near the fish counter, the meat section, or the ready-to-eat section, and discover our delicious meal combinations, for dinner in a snap! Tuna tartare, smoked meat pizza, and cod nuggets are just a few delicious ideas that are sure to please the entire family. Dinner has never been easier or more inspiring!


Ready-to-cook rolls + Nantes carrots + broccoli

Looking for a quick and easy weeknight fix? You’re sure to impress with a perfectly seasoned beef roll stuffed with ham, cheese, and asparagus. Just cook and serve with pre-cooked Nantes carrots and fresh broccoli florets. So easy and yummy!

Chicken thighs + Nantes carrots + roasted potatoes

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love chicken thighs, generously coated with a sweet and savoury caramelized sauce? Serve them with Nantes carrots and C’est Prêt! roasted potatoes. Just warm it all up and start eating!

Meat lasagna

A family favourite, it’s no wonder lasagna makes its way to the menu on a regular basis. If time is of the essence, try our family-sized C’est Prêt! meat lasagna. Entirely cooked with that delicious homemade taste, it’s just what the kids want as they come home from school.


Bœuf Québec ground beef + taco shells

Taco night is a fun and easy way to spice up your routine. Let everyone have a go at adding their favourite toppings to their tacos: tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, salsa, corn, cilantro, black beans. Add chili spice to your Bœuf Québec ground beef to give it that full Mexican flair.

Bœuf Québec old-fashioned smoked meat + thin crust pizza

Everyone loves a good smoked meat sandwich—gourmet rye bread, smoked meat, mustard, and pickles. For an original weeknight dinner, why not turn this classic into pizza! Sprinkle some cheese, fresh rosemary, and a few pepper flakes onto the crust, and add some slices of Bœuf Québec old-fashioned smoked meat and pickles. It’ll be love at first bite for this unique recipe!


Smoked salmon + naan bread + boursin

No need to spend hours in the kitchen to create an outstanding gourmet dinner . . . you just need to put the right ingredients together! You’ll love our smoked salmon pizza combo. Naan bread, boursin cheese, and smoked salmon are the foundation of this simple yet sublime recipe. Next, make it your own by adding capers, dill, lemon zest, or red onions. Check out the suggested recipe here!

Seafood blend + pasta

No food in the fridge? No problem. Pasta is always a good option. Take it up a notch with some Hunter seafood sauce. You can top your pasta with it as is, and add some fresh herbs, like Italian parsley. A real feast! You’d never guess it only took minutes to make!

Cod nuggets + mixed salad + mayonnaise

Québec seafood products deserve their spot on your plate. For a quick and easy dish, try these delicious Québec seafood nuggets made of potatoes and cod. They’re perfect for those hectic weeknights. Simply heat them in the oven and serve them with a green salad and Sushi à la maison Bang Bang mayonnaise.

Sushi à la maison tartare tubes and kits

Liven up your weeknights with these restaurant-quality sushi you can prepare in a snap, right in the comfort of your own home. Combine the tartare preparation kits with the pre-cut fish tubes and voilà! Choose from tuna, scallop, or salmon tartare, and you’ll have the makings of an amazing dinner.