Atypique — Sangria

It’s the best of both worlds!

With so many sangria recipes, it can be hard to choose your summer favourite — but with Atypique’s game-changing canned sangria, you’ll never have to worry about creating the perfect summer punch recipe again.

Étienne Boulay, co-founder of Atypique, says his goal is to create the sensation of an alcoholic beverage, all without the negative side effects. While many non-alcoholic beverages contain minimal amounts of alcohol after dealcoholization process, Atypique moves differently.

This sangria is a carbonated drink that mimics the rich flavours of red wine. As for their innovative recipe, it’s top secret — the Atypique team develops the formula in a Saint-Hyacinthe laboratory by playing around with different aromas.

This year marks the second iteration of Atypique’s non-alcoholic sangria. At only 75 calories per serving, it’s a fan favourite of sangria lovers everywhere.

According to Boulay, it’s the best drink for lounging by the pool on a hot day. He recommends adding fruits like grapes and oranges to a pitcher of their sangria to level up your summer drink game. For a fresh twist, add mint to create your new summer must-have.