Coup Fumant — Montréal Steak Spice

It tastes like heaven!

Summer is practically synonymous with steak — and for Quebecers, nothing says steak like a classic Montreal steak spice. Coup Fumant’s steak spice offers a new and improved take on an old favourite by adding a unique touch of smoke.

Its large chunks set it apart from other seasonings both visually and by its texture. Coup Fumant’s products can be found in IGA’s meat department, making home cooking easy — consumers simply pick up their protein, grab their seasoning and get grilling.

The best part? The Montreal steak spice is so versatile, you can add it to anything.

It’s great on a cut of red meat, but it also adds a smooth, smoky flavour to bacon, shrimp, chicken and burgers. You can even add it to a Bloody Caesar for a flavourful twist to go with your summer meal.

Coup Fumant’s steak spice can be used on its own to set off the savoury flavours of your preferred meat, but the possibilities are endless. Grill it, bake it, smoke it or fry it — you can chef it up any way you like and get the same unique smoked flavour, without the need for a smoker. Say hello to your new favourite summer barbecue spice — or, as the Coup Fumant team calls it, a little taste of heaven.