Fumoirs Gosselin — Maple smoked salmon nuggets

They’re like little maple candies!

According to Alexandre Marcoux, production supervisor for Fumoirs Gosselin, the producer’s salmon and maple nuggets are rich, versatile and delicious. Their salmon bites are infused with an essential flavour Quebecers know and love: maple syrup.

Simultaneously sweet and salty, yet well-balanced in flavour, these salmon bites are made artisanally at the Fumoirs Gosselin production hub in Cowansville. Available in three portion sizes, there’s an option to fit any need, especially with the single-serve box.

Marcoux says that from conception to creation, Fumoirs Gosselin’s salmon bites are meant to make things easy, with a quick and easy meal that melts in your mouth.

The nuggets are ready to eat at room temperature after being defrosted — no cooking required — and are great for on the go. Outdoor sports enthusiasts will appreciate the nutritious dose of omega-3 and spike of sweetness that keep them going during a long day.

Fumoirs Gosselin’s versatile salmon bites add a unique flavour to virtually any meal, whether it’s a refreshing poke bowl or salad on a hot summer day, or hearty pasta with a white cream sauce, Marcoux says. However, he suggests using salad dressing sparingly to let the maple shine and avoid overpowering the taste of the salmon.