Ricardo — Flap steaks with Montreal seasoning

A beautiful Canadian flap steak!

When the Ricardo team set out to create its sous-vide product line, they looked at their data bank and saw that Quebecers often searched for recipes using Montreal steak spice. For an easy transition from shelf to plate, Ricardo launched sous-vide flap steak with Montreal seasoning, a classic blend of black pepper, coriander, salt and chilli.

The Ricardo mission is to inspire and educate Quebecers through fine dining experiences that can be enjoyed at home. Their recipes, the heart of their products, contain ingredients that can be found in the average kitchen.

While sous-vide cooking is a staple in restaurants, the team made it so anyone can create the same high-quality cooking at home by offering the steak in ready-to-cook sous-vide packaging — an innovative product that hadn’t been done before.

“Our revolutionary technique allows you to achieve perfect and uniform results, every time. It’s a first here,” says Ricardo.

The high-quality AAA Canadian Sterling beef offers a rich base that’s pre-seasoned for the best results. It can be grilled to give it a little colour after it is cooked sous-vide. To make the most of the flap steak, it can be served with a side of Caesar salad, mashed potatoes or fries to bring out the juicy tenderness of the meat.