Sterling Silver — Bone-in Tomahawk rib steak

Steak in its truest form.

True to its namesake, Sterling Silver offers only the highest quality meats in varied cuts for consumers to explore. The same is true for their bone-in Tomahawk steak — a fattier, tastier, thicker cut to be enjoyed as a standalone meal this summer.

Described as a marbled meat, this Tomahawk — a gorgeous addition to any table setting — contains intramuscular fat that give it its signature juicy texture. In the cooking process, this fat melts, allowing the steak to retain its tenderness throughout.

Cut on a fully-cleaned bone, this cut is made to give meat-lovers the true paleolithic experience — it’s what Sterling Silver calls a “Brontosaurus steak.”

Sterling Silver’s 21-day aging process also allows the meat to retain its flavour and texture throughout the grilling process.

Heavy and dense, the Tomahawk is meant to be eaten on its own or with a light side, like a salad or grilled vegetables. The steak will fill its fair share of your plate, so be sure to go easy on any additions. To cook, grill as you would your favourite cut of meat, and simply add coarse salt on top to create your go-to steak of the summer.