Sterling Silver — Bacon and smoked cheese beef burgers

A seriously good burger.

Looking for a seriously good burger with a unique flavour profile? Sterling Silver’s bacon and smoked cheese beef burgers will make any burger addict swoon this summer. Created from high-quality Sterling Silver ground beef and loaded with simple, flavourful ingredients, these innovative patties will quickly become your go-to at any family barbecue.

While similar burgers often contain added flavours, these patties are different — the meat contains real bits of smoked bacon and rich cheese that create its signature flavour profile.

When grilled, these raw patties are transformed into sublime, flavourful hamburgers you won’t forget.

The picture of a true hamburger, these thick patties are juicy and tender, never losing their edge when cooked. According to Sterling Silver, uniqueness is part of the meat’s DNA — the team developed the recipe to allow consumers to enjoy restaurant-quality burgers at home.

To enjoy these patties to the fullest, pair them with a rich, buttery brioche bun. Light toppings like lettuce and tomatoes will allow the unique flavours of an already tasty burger to shine bright this summer.