Sterling Silver — Beef short ribs

What a great discovery!

Slow it down this summer with Sterling Silver’s beef short ribs, an aged cut made for slow-cooking. During a 21-day aging process, the flavour of these ribs is transformed, allowing the natural enzymes in the beef to make it more tender.

According to Sterling Silver, very few similar cuts are available on the market — and unlike a steak or a hamburger, these unique ribs call for a slow-cooking process that makes the tender meat to fall off the bone.

The short ribs are optimal when cooked in a smoker, but the versatile meat can also be cooked on a wood fire or a barbecue for a smokier flavour. Add your favourite marinade or spices to enhance the meat and give it a bit of crunch. Sterling Silver recommends outdoor cooking to make the most of the summer season.

The meat can be chopped and added to salads or served with light sides like a fresh, summery pasta salad for best results. Trust us — these ribs will soon become your favourite at barbecues with friends.