Sushi à la Maison — Trio of the sea seasoned tartare tube

Fast, fresh and full of flavour!

When Geneviève Everell, founder of Sushi à la Maison, was asked to describe her products in just a few words, she called them fast, fresh and full of flavour. Sushi à la Maison’s ready-made tartare tubes are exactly that — just defrost them and serve for a refreshing summer meal.

Using eco-responsible and Ocean Wise-recommended ingredients is a core value for Everell. She also uses Quebec products where possible — the Trio of the Sea tube contains Nordic shrimp from the Gaspé peninsula. However, the secret to this innovative tartare tube is in the sauce. While previous iterations were unseasoned, this tartare contains a newfangled homemade citrus marinade that creates a signature pop of flavour.

The tubes are designed to make it easy to enjoy a healthy and tasty tartare without spending time on preparation.

Whether your friends show up unexpectedly or you’re looking for a quick summer lunch that doesn’t require cooking, this tartare is perfect.

There are also endless possibilities for tailoring it to your palate. Add nuts, cheese, mango or strawberries for an invigorating complement. The tartare can be served at any meal, whether as an addition to a poke bowl, spread on crackers or with a bowl of rice — making it a must-have for summer.