What are the fees for an online order?

The assembly and delivery fees vary, depending on the IGA store selected. Moreover, some IGA stores have two delivery zones with different rates, based on distance: the regular zone and the extended zone.

How do I know what the assembly and delivery fees will be?

The assembly and delivery fees will appear in the subtotal of your grocery cart once you have chosen the store and pickup or delivery.

How do I pay for my groceries online?

You can pay for your order when you pick it up or directly online if this option is available at your chosen store. For online payment, you must have a Canadian billing address.

To pay upon order delivery, you can choose between cash, credit or debit, depending on the payment methods accepted by the selected store.

For online payment, a preauthorized amount on your credit card corresponding to the total amount of your order plus 25%, will be processed on your credit card. Once your order is assembled and the cash checkout transaction completed, only the actual amount of your order will be charged to your card.

What payment method is accepted for online orders?

You can pay for your online purchases with your credit card. If you have an IGA.net account, you can pay for your order upon receipt by using one of the payment methods accepted by the selected store (cash, debit and/or credit).

When I pay for my order in-store, will the actual total differ from the estimated total?

Although we strive to offer the same prices online as in our stores, the totals may differ for the following reasons:

  • A product substitution has been made and the price differs;
  • The article is sold by weight (e.g., produce);
  • A selected item was not available;
  • An additional in-store discount applies to a given item.

Where do I enter my credit card number?

To pay online, you must complete your order, click on “Pay and place my order,” and enter the requested information in the “Optimal Payments” window.

What are the delivery fees for seniors?

Contact your IGA store directly to find out the available discounts. You’ll find the contact info in the store’s file.

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