Voilà par IGA

IGA reinvents online grocery shopping with Voilà par IGA

Get the groceries you ordered, fresh, on time and straight from our warehouse to your door with Voilà.

Available soon all over Quebec.
*See terms and conditions at voila.ca

The Voilà Difference

From guaranteed fresh* produce to everyday grocery essentials, there are thousands of products available at your fingertips. Shop your favourite IGA, Ricardo, Rachelle Béry, and Kim Phat products with ease.

Just pick a time – we’ll deliver. Our incredible delivery team and the tech behind it, are at your service.

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My account

Your IGA account will also work for shopping groceries online with Voilà par IGA—no need to create a new one.

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My shopping list and cart

You can still make IGA lists with all your favourite products, but you must checkout through Voilà. When you add the products from your list to your cart, you’ll be automatically redirected to Voilà par IGA’s website to complete your order.

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Products, pricing and offers may vary between IGA and Voilà par IGA. Please note that the flyer price you see is the price you’ll pay. Flyer pricing is applied the date you checkout, regardless of delivery or pick up date.

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Delivery options

Your groceries will be delivered straight to your door by Voilà par IGA delivery teammates. The delivery fee is inclusive of assembly and delivery. Please note that in-store pickup is not available with this service.

Your groceries
delivered. Just like that.


Have a question on Voilà? Let us help!

Where is Voilà available?

Our delivery service is available in the Greater Montreal Area, and Québec City. To confirm whether we are available in your area, please click here.

If you are not currently in our service area, please subscribe to our updates and you will be the first to know when we launch in your area. Please note that curbside pickup is not currently available in Québec through voila.ca

I am prompted to shop Voilà par IGA instead of IGA.net, why is that?

Voilà par IGA is IGA's new online grocery service. This new service is available on voila.ca. This is why you are prompted to leave iga.net and browse on Voilà par IGA's website. Login on voila.ca with your IGA account to select a time and order your groceries.

Can I continue to use IGA.net to order my groceries instead of Voilà par IGA?

Based on your zip code, Voilà par IGA will replace IGA's online grocery. If you are in an area that is serviced by Voilà par IGA,, you will only be able to buy your groceries online on voila.ca. You can add products to your cart on IGA.net, but you will be redirected to voila.ca to make your purchase. If you are in an area that is not serviced by Voilà par IGA, you will still be able to shop and buy your groceries on IGA.net.

If I have an existing IGA.net account, do I still need to register to voila.ca?

No, you can use your existing IGA.net login credentials to log in to voila.ca. Your account details will transfer from IGA.net to voila.ca, and your past purchases will be available on Voilà par IGA in the Favorites section.

Can I still use my shopping list on iga.net ?

Yes! You can still browse our product catalog and add all your favorites to your list. You may also transfer your IGA list over to Voilà to shop your groceries online.

Are the products the same as I would find in my local store?

For delivery in Québec, we carry fresh product and grocery items from IGA alongside customer favourites like Kim Phat, Rachelle Béry, and Ricardo. We continue to expand our product assortment every week.

Do you have the same prices and promotions as my local store?

We have similar pricing for like items as our IGA stores in Québec. Pricing and promotions may vary between our delivery service and not all in-store offers may be available on Voilà. Once you’ve signed in and selected your location and time slot, the most accurate pricing and promotional information will be displayed before checkout. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Please note that the flyer price you see is the price you’ll pay. Flyer pricing is applied the date you checkout, regardless of delivery or pick up date.

How does delivery work?

Our friendly and professional delivery teammates will call you and advise that they will be arriving shortly to ensure someone will be home to accept the delivery. They will bring your order to your door and review it with you to make sure you are satisfied.

If you include alcohol in your order, the delivery teammate will carry out age verification in cases where there is at least one item whose purchase is legally restricted according to age to ensure the safety of our customers and their families.

The delivery fee is inclusive of assembly and delivery. There are no hidden service fees or surcharges. Tipping is not expected, but you are welcome to tip your delivery teammate at the door for exceptional service.

Where are you available for Curbside Pickup?

Curbside Pickup is not currently available in Québec through voila.ca

Is the Air Miles loyalty program the same on Voilà as in stores?

For the time being, only base miles are available on Voilà par IGA. Other offer types are not currently available. IGA stamps, Shell promotions and seniors discount are not available on Voila at this time.

AIR MILES Collectors get 1 AIR MILES Reward Mile for every $20* spent cumulatively during the week (Sunday to Saturday as of the delivery/pickup date) on purchases made at Voilà when they add their Collector Number to their Voila account.

Bonus offers will be available on eligible products and purchases when advertised on Voilà giving Collectors the opportunity to get Bonus Miles (subject to the terms and conditions applicable to those offers at the time).

*Offer excludes taxes, gift cards, bottle deposits, delivery charges, bag charges, fluid dairy products, pharmacy, lottery, alcohol products, tobacco products, products sold by third-party vendors, and any other items that are non-discountable or excluded by law. See Terms & Conditions for full list of offer exclusions.

Can I still collect IGA stamps on my purchases?

Unfortunately, IGA stamps will not be applicable on voila.ca However, this may change in the future. Please be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

Yes. The minimum order is $50 excluding taxes and delivery fees.

Can I return bottles for a deposit refund?

Delivery teammates cannot take empty bottles at the time of delivery. Bottles can be returned to an authorized collection depot in your jurisdiction, any store during opening hours or at the Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC): 2400 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1B1 from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm.

Do I pay a bottle deposit?

In respect of products which under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction require a container deposit (i.e. beverage containers), a deposit fee per container will be charged to you. The amount of the deposit fee may vary by location according to the laws applicable in your jurisdiction, however, the applicable deposit fees will be displayed at checkout when submitting your order on Voilà.

You may be entitled to a per container refund when empty containers are returned to an authorized collection depot in your jurisdiction. Voilà does not accept the return of empty containers or issue refunds under any provincial deposit refund program. For returns and refunds of products before consumption, if you return the purchased item to Voilà or are otherwise refunded your purchase price of the item from Voilà, then the deposit fee will also be refunded to you.

Can I return my items to IGA stores?

Unfortunately, returns cannot be made in-store. If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact our Customer Care Team.